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Funding Advocacy

People with disabilities achieve employment, community living and other outcomes, often with the support of outstanding Direct Support Professionals.

The Medicaid Waiver reimbursement rate for support services stands at the same level as in 2002 in Indiana. Meanwhile, the Consumer Price Index has risen 21%. Often times, Direct Support Professionals are compensated at the poverty line due to inadequate rates.

With many other people with disabilities on the waiting list, funding and the rates of reimbursement are important issues.

We are calling on legislators to:

– Fund our capacity to serve clients as well as those entering services from the waiting list.

– Enable providers to develop and reward our quality workforce.

– Provide funding mechanisms to meet rising costs over time.


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April 18, 2013 · 6:57 pm

National Direct Support Professionals Week


Stone Belt is happy to take part in the recognition and celebration of National Direct Support Professionals Week September 9-15, 2012.  Both Governor Daniels and the United States Senate have designated this week as a time to celebrate the accomplishments of thousands of Direct Support Professional and to increase awareness of their important work that helps to support people with disabilities to live meaningful lives in their community.   Stone Belt takes a great deal of pride in the excellence of our DSP work force.  At more than 370 people strong – our DSPs some of the best, most dedicated and talented in the nation.  Their good work enables Stone Belt to be the agency of choice for over 700 clients throughout Monroe, Lawrence and Bartholomew Counties and beyond.  Because of their support, clients have jobs, learning opportunities, creative outlets to express themselves, and self-directed home lives.  They have quality of life.

Stone Belt has planned several ways to celebrate DSP Recognition week.  Each DSP will receive a gift, created by our clients, as a tangible memento of your important work.  There will be celebrations and special activities throughout all parts of the agency.   And we are sponsoring a group of DSPs to attend the Direct Support Professionals of Indiana (DSPIN) conference to learn new skills and to network with other DSPs from across Indiana.   For those not able to attend the DSIN meeting, we also will host some in-house seminars on Monday, Sept 10th (Live your Passion) and on the 17th (A Good Afternoon or a Great Life) from 1-2:15, in the main conference rooms of Bloomington, Bedford and Columbus.

I asked some of our Direct Support Professionals what they liked about their jobs.Here are the responses I got back from them:

“When you can go home after 8+ hours of work, tired as all get out and still feel good from the heart that you have made a difference in at least one person’s day…. What’s not to like!”   — Melody Davis DSP in Lifelong Learning – Bloomington

“What I like most about my job is helping clients find something to smile about on a rough day.”  Josh Davis — DSP in Lifelong Learning – Bloomington

“I love my job as a DSP, I recently considered changing fields and I just couldn’t do it. I love to watch (the clients) do new things, love to see them smile and love to be a part of their lives. It can be a challenging job but it can also be very rewarding.  I love being a DSP.”   – Sara Sondheim – DSP in the Supported Living Program in Bloomington.

“Helping these amazing individuals on their journey toward a life of opportunity, well-being, confidence, and their contribution in society is a huge part of why I truly enjoy what I do. I assumed this job would just be a “clock in clock out.” It became much more than that.”   Jarryd Patterson – DSP in Lifelong Learning in Columbus

“Working for Stone Belt has been very rewarding for me. The clients have taught me much more about life, than I could ever teach them. These lessons are patience, respect, honesty and love. I feel that I am a better person than I was before coming to Stone Belt.”  Lisa Dumond – Lifelong Learning Instructor in Bedford.

“I really value the opportunity to teach clients the benefits of being physically active and giving back to our community through volunteer work. This DSP job allows me to use knowledge gleaned from all of my previous jobs, as well as general life experiences” – Georgia Emmert DSP in Lifelong Learning Bloomington.

“I love to work and help people, and also I love to help them learn new skills.”   Regina Avraham DSP Work Services Bedford

As you can see – DSPs love what they are doing and realize they are making a difference.  I hope that clients, families, supervisory staff and others remember to take the time to thank our DSPs this week or every week.  Stone Belt couldn’t be the success that it is without the courageous, dedicated, heart-felt efforts of our amazing DSPs.

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